New Construction

From floor plan to finishing touches, the journey of new construction projects demands careful deliberation. Our team works closely with your builder, architect, and contractors, ensuring seamless collaboration while keeping a keen focus on your overarching vision. Acting as your expert advocates and feet on the ground, we empower you with knowledge and assurance as we guide you through the decision-making process, helping you achieve your goals for your home with confidence.


Attention to detail is paramount when undertaking a renovation project, and we'll guide you through every step of this intricate process. Our role is to steer you away from potential pitfalls, oversee the coordination of contractors, and provide expert guidance in design and selection. Think of us as your trusted ally from start to finish, dedicated to ensuring that your vision is carried out seamlessly and flawlessly.


Our comprehensive furnishing and styling services encompass every aspect of your space, from furniture and floor coverings to wall color and light fixtures, down to the smallest detail like styling your coffee table and shelving. Beyond mere design, we prioritize understanding and enhancing the way you and your family inhabit and utilize your space, ensuring it reflects your lifestyle and functions efficiently.

The perfect solution for those looking for a luxury design experience with Lola Interiors while only needing one or two rooms fully refreshed.

We won’t be ripping out floors or knocking down walls, but we can make an impact through curated furnishings, fresh paint selections, wallpaper or window treatments.

Studio Services

Welcome to the family! In this phase, you’ll get to know more about who we are and how we work. After filling out our inquiry form, our team will reach out to schedule an initial discovery call. During this call, we'll provide you with more information about our company, answer any questions you may have, and discuss your project. 

After the discovery call, we'll arrange a complimentary 30-minute Meet & Greet with Tiffany Hinton, our owner and principal designer. This session will review the scope of your project, timeline, and investment. Additionally, we will provide you with a copy of our design agreement and a comprehensive overview of our design process.


This is where the real fun begins! Our design phase begins with an initial design meeting with Tiffany and your design team. This meeting can take place in your home, our office, or virtually. Here, we will review the overall project scope, take measurements and photos of your existing space or furniture if applicable, look over your inspiration images, review the floor plan, and discuss overall vision and function for your space.

Then it’s our turn to get to work designing each space with your lifestyle, wish list, and goals in mind. We will develop the overall design, finalize floor plans and renderings, source selections and samples, and prepare for your presentation.

Next up, it’s presentation day! We will present the proposed design concepts, providing two schemes per space. Collaboration is key—we will address any revisions and fine-tune the design, presenting additional selections as needed. Finally, we document all approved designs and communicate with any team members to ensure seamless execution. 


Sit back and relax knowing we’re on top of all the tasks it takes to bring the vision to life. We’ll serve as your expert advocate throughout the process, consistently communicating with contractors, conducting regular site visits, and coordinating procurement, inspection, and product storage in preparation for the big day: your install day! 

Our clients love how much we take off their plate during this phase. This includes creating and updating the selections book, meeting with clients and contractors, securing quotes from tradespeople, and scheduling project details. Our proactive approach to project management ensures no stone is unturned, keeping you up-to-date with all milestones. 


Our procurement phase is another place where we save our clients time (and money)! Here, we focus on sourcing furnishings, decor, appliances, hard materials, lighting, and more—down to the details like light bulbs and pillow inserts. We maintain strict organization of all invoicing and delivery schedules and communicate directly with vendors to ensure timely deliveries. 
Once items begin arriving, we receive, inspect, organize, and store them to ensure the highest quality. This way, when they arrive at your home, they're in excellent condition.


The paint is dry, the tools are packed up, and that’s when we stage the big reveal—our favorite part of the process! On install day (or days), our team carries out a carefully planned installation of your whole home, from furnishings to finishing touches! 

It’s all-hands-on-deck as we coordinate furniture delivery, install art and window treatments, and add decorative touches resulting in a space that is uniquely yours, delivering livable luxury down to the smallest detail. There isn’t a task we don’t consider during install—catch our team members steaming drapery, dusting shelving, washing sheets, and folding towels just so. Expect each bed to be made, artwork on the walls, lamps lit, rug pads secured, and a reveal you'll never forget. 


During the final phase of our process, we will do a thorough walkthrough with you to ensure you are pleased with your results and create a final punch list of items to be reconciled after the installation. You will also receive our signature owner's manual and resource guide that goes over maintenance and care guidelines for all finishes and fabrics. Once we have dotted all the T’s and crossed all the I's, we love to document our work and your new home with professional photography.  


We've created an investment guide that gives you a full breakdown on what to expect when working with the Lola team. It covers fees, our signature process, FAQs, and everything you need to know if you're considering becoming a Lola client.

Have questions? We have answers!

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