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At Lola Interiors, we strive to leave all things more beautiful than they’re found. Our commitment to collaboration and highly personalized design solutions make for a truly unmatched client experience. A beautifully designed look and the feeling of warmth you get from finally being home—that’s the trademark of a Lola space.


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Looking to dip your toes into a luxury design experience? Elevate one or two rooms with furnishings, paint selections, wallpaper, or window treatments.


Our comprehensive furnishing and styling services encompass every aspect of your space, from furnishings to wall color and light fixtures, down to the smallest detail.


Attention to detail is paramount when it comes to renovations, and we oversee the project from start to finish for a flawless implementation of your vision.


From foundation to finishing touches, let us be your expert advocates and feet on the ground—for an efficient and streamlined journey to your dream home.


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4810 First Coast Highway, Amelia Island, FL 32034

Step into our studio and explore our curated collection of home furnishings, inquire with our team about our tailored flat-rate design services, or explore an array of wallpaper, fabric, and accessories for sale. Our expert team is here to guide you through every step of the design journey, ensuring your home reflects your individual style and personality.

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"Having Lola on board was the best decorating decision I have ever made. If I ever build another house, a call to Lola Interiors will be first on my agenda."

- B.F

"I would have agonized over every detail but once they saw the direction I wanted to go, Lola Interiors knew what it took to achieve my look."

- S.l

"Tiffany really listened to and captured our style, ensuring that all selections flowed together. The overall result is a home that is truly representative of us!"

- e.m

"The entire process was a joy; the team outlined every step and followed up to ensure our complete satisfaction. We always knew what to expect and when to expect it."

- n.r

"Tiffany was such a pleasure to work with and so calm, if there was a problem I would just tell her and she would fix it. The whole renovation was a pleasant experience."

- d.r

"A perfectionist (in a good way), with a keen eye and great attention to detail, they helped keep our builder on track and prevented him and his subs from making costly mistakes."

- n.k

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